life goes on

life continues to be a busy mess. but it's the (mostly) enjoyable kind of chaos. visits and visitors. sightseeing and baking. small amounts of spare time that are packed with laughter and love.

 week twelve of fifty-two: March showers bring thier own flowers

first, there was the wedding shower. my sister did an amazing job decorating. the food, the family, the friends... it was all amazing. and people were so generous- we practically have a whole new kitchen! every gift but one was related to food. since Luke and I love to cook (and bake, duh) we registered for mostly kitchen gadgets. we've been using our servingware almost every night (much better than just pots and pans!) and of course there was one big shiny gift I could hardly wait to start using...

unfortunately I was so excited about using my new mixer that I forgot to clearly think through what I was baking... you can read about the jellybean blunder on the baking blog. and for some reason I can't use the link button today, so here's your url: http://bakedwithloveandbutter.blogspot.com/2010/04/jellybean-blunder.html

week thirteen of fifty-two: Empire State of Mind

then, Jacob came for a visit. we took a day in NYC to do just about everything- he had never been out East before so we wanted to make the most of it. I of course planned the day's activities from start to finish. our day included all the major landmarks and attractions (at least the ones I felt were worth seeing).

butterflies on strings

I didn't realize how much I missed New York until I was back there. the rush of people on the sidewalk, the haze that always hangs in the sky... those don't seem like things to miss, but really you can't find that energy anywhere else.

the city

we went to the Met, my second favorite place in NYC. the Egyptian Galleries were finished with their recent remodel. I don't care what a nerd I am, but I love the Egyptian Galleries. we visited all my favorite pieces, except for one. a reconstructed tiled wall with bright turquoise faience and golden swirls. I can't really explain why I'm drawn to the pieces that I am. the small crocodile that swims in the pond around the temple, the ancient beads in tiny shapes of lions and falcons and hippos and flowers, the ancient graffiti on the temple, and the lotus carvings...

after I indulged my inner nerd, we wandered through Central Park on our way to some delicious Thai. it was a little chilly, not quite spring, but I still love Central Park.(that would be my first favorite place in NYC) it still amazes me to think in the middle of this giant city there is a huge park, full of trees and meadows and castles.

a crisp spring evening in Central Park

hmm. there was much more to Jacob's visit. we spent a day in Philadelphia too... I took over 500 photos. and then I had to leave for and emergency trip to Boston. riding on the train was actually a pleasant experience. and then Cousin showed up for her visit... more time, more pictures. and little time to load and edit anything. sometimes, life gets in the way of itself. but it goes on.

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