a week in review

my poor blog. life has been so busy, it's been a week since I've had even some weak sauce updates. well this post should be plenty wordy.

work continues to be insane. last minute travel, late nights, frustration, exhaustion. that's really all I care to say about it.

in my limited "free" time I've been working on the condo. things are starting to shape up... living room wall painted, bar area decorated, photos unpacked and many have been hung up. there's still a lot of work to be done, but slow and steady progress is better than nothing. I've been taking a few pictures... love to have my camera back in my hands, even if the photography is not exciting. it just feels right.

you'll notice I've also been playing with Blogger's new templates. I'm still tweaking things, because I've run into some issues already. some photos are not loading, the header completely disappeared... boo. I would LOVE to convert the baking blog, but am having trouble keeping the large photos. I edited my html code to accommodate XL size photos, and the new templates will only fit medium! I really hate to reduce the photo size because I think they really make the blog, and because gosh darn it I'm proud of those photos! so until I can find the right code to edit it's staying as is.

speaking of... I'm still trying to keep up with the baking blog. I love doing it, I really do. but ever since I discovered what using natural light can do for your photography, I've had to arrange my baking schedule. some things I can bake at night, but that means only photos of the finished product (not step by step). and of course during the week I'm occupied. but I've been doing well with it and have gotten some great feedback! and some new recipes...

Luke and I flew back to Michigan this weekend for a wedding shower put on by our mothers. I got to see a lot of family that I hadn't seen in a long time, see my friends briefly, and met a lot of new people. Luke's Mom had an awesome idea of telling everyone to bring a recipe for us... I have so much cooking and baking to do! and since 98% of our registry is kitchen stuff, I have lots of great new tools to help me out. (or at least I will, once they arrive this week- photos to come soon!) I had a wonderful time but am completely exhausted. We arrived home last night exactly 48 hours after our flight touched down in Detroit. and it's going to keep up at this crazy pace from here on out.

in other wedding-related news, RSVPs are starting to roll in. my mailbox has had at least one card in it every day for the past 2 weeks! I received my first blank card- no name, just a "no" response. but I numbered the back of my response cards to correspond with my guest list. so instead of freaking out about a mystery response, I know whose it was and already have it entered into my spreadsheet. see? sometimes being obsessed with organization pays off.

this week promises to be just as crazy as the last, but I'm trying to keep up. I have a ton of photos from the shower to post, and with Jacob's visit this week I'm going to start drowning in files to edit! I promise the next post won't be another whirlwind summary / list of things going on because I'm too busy to just sit and write! I love my life, and love (most) of the things that are making it so crazy. and though I tend to get a little stressed, I do my best work when under pressure. in fact, I thrive in it.

it's not procrastination, it's waiting for the target to get close enough that you can throw the knock-out punch.

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