catching up

time just seems to be flying. suddenly, I'm 25. and the wedding is less than 2 months away. thankfully, luck has been on my side. our RSVPs came back within the budget. and (just barely) under capacity. which meant we were able to book a DJ. who, though completely booked for the rest for the summer, just happened to have a cancellation for our date. and we finally found a pre-marital counselor. someone nearby who does weeknights and had a date open for us. and then we remembered we needed to meet with the bakery for a cake tasting and consultation. we booked the last appointment, literally the only one they had left, from now until our wedding.

karma, is that you? can you please stick around while I work out ceremony musicians and a florist?

but in between my windfall of perfectly timed vendor bookings, I'm trying to stop and enjoy the moment. I flew back to Michigan for my birthday/bachelorette weekend. I am not at liberty to post all of the pictures. not that we did anything too outrageous or illegal. no one ended their night in jail or the ER. we just had some drinks and some dancing and a damn good time.

I mean really, how could we not have a good time? me and 5 of my best friends, all of us back in my college town, heading out to the old bars. not to mention my cousin's awesome roommates who came out to help us celebrate, and those we met along the way. the night started with champagne, and ended with dancing. and all the while was filled with laughter and love. the perfect night out with my girls.

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