time out

this post is weird because none of the photos are mine. 
maybe I'll have to re-post it once I've been with my camera. until then, refer to the links.

I need a break from reality and stress. so let's play fast-forward and talk about my trip to Hawaii 
for my honeymoon. because I'm super excited for it. because even though I'm not allowed
to plan, this is kindof planning. and because I can't wait until this will be my view :

we are staying at the Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore of Oahu. 
it's situated right next to a huuuge nature preserve, where Luke and I can go jungle hiking. 
and kayaking. and on an expedition to see the banyon tree from LOST. 
not joking, it's right by the resort:

 yes I am a nerd for being excited to see the banyon tree. 
and go to the Dole Plantation. and ride the Pineapple Express.

and all while wearing a pair of these:
because I'm super stylish and cool like that.

but, in my defense, this is what I will be wearing on the beach:

because I'm stylish and super cool like that.
and while I'm wearing my bikini, this is what I will be drinking:

 because clearly, your drink should match your bikini.

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