seeing the moment

I'm in love with this little guy. I found it while searching for bridesmaids gifts and just had to have it. I know that many of the best joys in life are not material things. but the feeling I get from wearing this around my neck is well worth the price I paid. a subtle reminder that no mater what I'm doing that moment, at heart I'm still a photographer. that it may be approaching 7 days since I've picked up a camera but my mind has never turned it off. (and as a side note, it's sometimes only once a week, but at least once, every week, I've still been picking it up and shooting for the 52 weeks project.) I may not have a camera in my hands but the film is running in my head. I'm still in awe of morning light. I stop and stare when I walk past a building at the perfect angle. I'm always not just looking, but seeing what's around me. and sometimes, as painful as not being able to stop and capture the moment can be, it's a beautiful thing just to realize that you are seeing the moment.

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