fast forward

two weeks into my new job and I am loving it. loving it. I think Luke put it best: "you still come home exhausted, but it's not because you are stressed from dealing with idiots all day. it's because you're just doing a lot of good hard work" I am learning so much, it can be a little overwhelming at moments, but I feel really really good about the changes. I'm more confident, and so people listen to me, and I come home more satisfied with how I've spent my day. exhausting? yes. but also fulfilling.

wedding... well I just had to redo my seating chart into 10 tables of 10 but it wasn't as bad as I had feared. and when I was huddled on the floor with my sticky circle graph and just couldn't figure it out, Luke jumped in to help and saved the last 3 tables. finally got my dress in to be hemmed. have to send in a bunch of payments next week and music choices. and a few small things like table numbers and placecards still need to be finalized. meh. I'm just excited for it to happen :)

and speaking of weddings, we are flying to South Bend Indiana this weekend to go to a friend's. and then the weekend after that we will be cleaning and preparing for all our family to arrive! and in between is another full week of work training and travel and a company bowling event. and another trip to the New York Office... which is great because I've realized how much I miss the city. not that I want to move back. just visit to soak it in for a bit, then come home and exfoliate.

I feel like someone hit the fast forward button on my life.


  1. Congrats on a new job and positive outlook!

    Good luck with all your wedding planning and more importantly your Big Day! :)


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