lazy sunday

today is the perfect day to just do nothing. (ok, so I'm blogging. and doing laundry. but nothing MAJOR.) I spent all day yesterday baking with friends. the plan was to make 5 kinds of cookies, plus peanut brittle and oreo truffles. ambitious. we rolled and sliced and decorated, drank a LOT of champagne, and eventually gave up and played some video games and watched a movie. we didn't end up making the sugar cookies or oreo truffles. but I think we've got plenty... snacking on leftovers now!

today we just bummed around and watched HGTV. I love watching all the first time homebuyer shows, though it can be bittersweet sometimes. Husband and I won't be owning property anytime soon. but at least when it's time to buy we will have a lot of knowledge and know exactly what we want. some of the people are just... they drive me crazy. I get that some people lack imagination, but not seeing the potential in a house that just needs some minor upgrades or passing on a place because of wallpaper? I guess it makes for good tv.

I'm trying to savor the moment of relaxation while it lasts. this week is going to be crazy. this month is going to be crazy. tomorrow, my boss will be in the office for a few hours and then she is taking a leave until January. currently, there are only 2 of us in the department. so work should be interesting for the rest of the year. Tuesday I'm heading into the city for meetings, but also for the MSU v Syracuse basketball game! I'm excited to see some familiar faces, enjoy some beverages, and of course a Spartan victory. even though I lived in NYC for 6 months I never went to an even at Madison Square Garden... weird. so this will be my first! then Wednesday is our office holiday luncheon in the city. co-workers + cocktails is usually good for some interesting entertainment.

the rest of the week? catching up on 2 days out of the office and then of course the 348760173601743 cookie photos I took this weekend need to be edited and posted! I've been doing pretty well catching up on all my other back-logged photos. amazing what you find when you look back after a few months.

this one here, I love. taken by Jacob at my sister-in-law's wedding. after dinner we walked down to this little creek running through the property. it was getting pretty dark, in a grey way. my camera settings were not at all right. the original was fuzzy and extremely blue. a little warming, a little blur, a little vintage... ah the magic of photoshop!

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