positive energy

I'm not entirely sure what's responsible for my recent overflow of creative juices,  but I'll take it. I admit it. I was in a rut. but now I'm bouncing back. maybe it's all the sugar from my holiday baking frenzy? I literally woke up early the other day, just so I could bake cookies before work. girl's gotta have her priorities, right?

repeat: I woke up early, so I could bake cookies before work.

and for some reason, I've been getting less sleep, but having more energy. maybe I was sleeping too much? cold weather makes it difficult for me to get out of my big warm soft pillowwy bed in the mornings. it also doesn't help when Beau decides he is going to snuggle me. he hears my alarm go off and literally runs into the room and jumps on the bed. at which point he does 1 of 2 things: curls up on my shoulder/stomach and starts purring... or starts liking my face and crying "MEOWM" because he wants to be fed/pet/stared at. which is annoying but gets me out of bed. since the weather's been changing though, he's opting more for warm and adorable and snuggly. which inevitably lulls me back to sleep.

why am I rambling about cats? I don't know, but it feels good to write. just... thoughts to fingers to screen. no filters, no agendas, no "oh this is too depressing to post and no one reads it anyway". I'm back to being me. and apparently back to blogging frequently. and also apparently obsessed with Christmas tree bokeh, which is what now adorns every inch of this page. I remember the first time I saw a Christmas light bokeh photo. I was in love. mesmerized. and really upset because I had no idea how it was done. and now, I've made my own! ridiculously easy once you figure it out. I love when something like that just clicks.

confession: I just ate a candy cane. so maybe I'm just hyped up on sugar today, but I'm hoping the positive energy sticks around.


  1. Cat that "wants to be fed/pet/stared at" is so true. Squit does that all the time, and I literally catch myself saying "what do you even want from me" and then just staring at her.

    I'm glad your juices are flowing! I'm hoping to start keeping up with my blog (it's on tumblr) once I'm in CHI because I have a feeling it'll inspire me a bit =)

  2. it's the same thing every night when I come home from work. they follow me around and rub all over me for at least a half hour!

    I'm so glad you found a job in Chi- moving and city life are sure to be great inspiration :)


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