back to the future

I just flipped through the Victoria's Secret catalog that arrived in my mailbox this weekend. I think perhaps it was mailed 20 years ago and arrived a little late. [the postal service in Jersey isn't very reliable] in recent times, they had started to get away from their "too sexy" faux pas... but it appears for this issue they decided to wind the clock back a decade or two.

the pages were rife with animal prints, plunging necklines, and lace where it doesn't belong. [more so than usual, I mean] the level of midriff, neon tshirts, manly suits, sandblasted denim, boyfriend sweaters, army print, and halter top was astronomical. there may or may not have been some shiny silver oversized hooker hoop earrings hiding behind all that teased hair. the eyebrows were starting to look a little overplucked. I even spotted a few sequins. and maybe a fake Cindy Crawford beauty mark.

next thing you know, we'll be seeing the scrunchie make a comeback.

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