good intentions.

I have a lot of good intentions. but I seem to have even more explanations, justifications, and (really) excuses for not following through. I'm trying to focus on the positives. not on what I don't want, but on what I do.

to bake more. to blog more. to photograph more. to run consistently. to choose water over diet coke. to decline that fourth slice of heavenly pizza. to fold that last bit of laundry sitting in the basket. to brush the cats daily. to wake up at 6am so I can clean the kitchen and get dinner in the crockpot before I make it out the door.

to decide if I'm ever going to start selling prints. or cake pops. or both. to finally put that etsy store to good use. to get out on weekends with my camera, even in the snow. to not just hole up in the kitchen where it's warm and familiar. to experiment more. to socialize more. to do things that scare me. to decide what I want to do with my life.

to stay positive. to remember that this is hard, but also temporary. to decide where and what "point b" is. to figure out the details of how to get there. to have the patience to wait. to have the courage to take a risk. to unapologetically do what I love. to stop making excuses and start making changes.

[to do a bunch of other things I can't really talk about here.]

call them intentions, plans, goals... I have them. a lot of them. shiny and golden, and ... somewhat hazy and vague in the distance. the first step is always the most difficult. especially when there are so many directions you want to go. [ah, but there I go with the excuses again!]

I'm praying for a little motivation, and a lot of strength and courage, and some BOLDNESS.

because while intentions are good, action is better.


  1. Oh wow, do I ever know exactly what you mean.
    It's hard sometimes to 'just do it' but it always feels better after I do.

  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean... I come up with a million and one excuses to convince myself to not take that first step.
    I completely agree with what Kim said about the feeling better after :)

  3. I know you are both right... sometimes just hard to remember when you're trying to talk yourself out of something!


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