well, here we go again. I'm attempting another 52 week project! last year, I started with good intentions but didn't make it. I actually created a group on Flickr and people joined up. I dropped out after 25 weeks (my life was overtaken by wedding and promotion), but one of them (whose cool blog I follow- hi Kim!) actually finished her project! and now, she's the one who started this site and Facebook page. how cool is that?

I'm not officially committing myself to a full year of self-portraits. I'm starting with this one and seeing where it goes. I think that no matter where the lens is pointed, I will still grow form this project and I'm excited to start. I'm trying to be a little more prepared this year. I've started a list of shot ideas, and I think having the website/FB support group will help. and of course, I'll be blogging and posting weekly here : )

this photo: a start. a reminder to focus on one step, one week, one photo at a time.


  1. What a cool idea! Good Luck!

  2. seriously seriously I love this picture!
    In fact, your entire blog is so full of eye candy! Thanks so much for the shout out and I am so happy you are playing along. I can tell right now I will be so inspired by your beautiful captures.

  3. I've not attempted one of these projects before, good luck with it.

  4. thanks!

    Kim, thanks for the kind words and for organizing everything. even though I dropped out last year I'm glad we "met" :) hopefully I can finish this year!


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