new things

[week six]

new running shoes [nike of course] for the start of my half marathon training. I'm loving the shades of purple and gray. basically the latest and greatest version of my current shoes, in better colors. decided to break them in on the first outdoor run of the year! 

photo taken and edited on my new iPhone. counts as a selfie since yes, my feet are in them. I'm still playing around with a few editing programs [and a hundred other apps] and figured it was appropriate to use a new phone shot for this week's photo. I promise I will still use my camera. I am just in love with my phone. my only complaint is I can't blog from it.

I refuse to spend all my time on my phone and to quit blogging. or to become one of those blogs where every [sporadic] post is just an apology for not blogging often enough. 


dear Blogger, please come out with an iPhone app. 


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