that face

the other night we popped in a movie and Husband was out cold in under 5 minutes. Rocky curled up on the couch next to him for warmth. I grabbed the laptop for a little interwebs distraction. Beau decided that sitting on my lap/arm while I tried to type was a good idea. I decided to document the moment via webcam. Beau looks rather handsome here. I'm definitely all frump girl in the back, with my million year old hoodie, stolen from Husband.

tangent: why is it, that no matter how many sweatshirts a girl owns, the most comfortable one in her closest actually belongs to a man?

shortly thereafter I gave up trying to type and moved the laptop aside. Beau snuggled in for a nice nap. I could hear Rocky snoring over on the couch. I was the only living creature awake. all was calm, all was quiet [except for the cat snores of course] Beau was literally curled around my arm, small paws bracing against my leg, fuzzy chin to the ceiling, that adorable tuft of black fur on his otherwise all-white belly exposed.

warm. soft. peaceful. heart-meltingly adorable.

the small moments like this remind me how much I love life.

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  1. who couldn't love life with a furry face like that around? adorable.


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