week eight: balance

I think this is week eight at least. my head and my heart have been spending time in other places, clearly. maybe I needed a break. I've always felt somewhat guilty about taking breaks, being lazy, not "accomplishing" anything. I never used to relax. I mean, I would sit on the couch and watch tv and drink a beer but in the back of my mind I'd be running through a list of things I should be doing. but I've learned if you don't let go and give yourself a little "me" time, or "us" time, or really just some time off from life and responsibilities... well the stress just compounds. there's plenty enough stress in my life at the moment, thank you.

a long weekend, my favorite old sweatshirt, couch time with Husband, a little less iPhone obsession, and some good food not cooked by me... I'm feeling more relaxed than guilty. ok, I may have done a load or two of laundry. and edited some photos. but I've also almost completed watching the entire second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer [new, not-so-guilty pleasure] and managed to pick up my camera again.

life is about balance. I'm still working on it.

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