I think my iPhone is taking over my life. this is the first time I've touched my computer in 3 days. I just don't need it as often. there's pretty much an app on my iPhone for anything I would do online: gmail, banking [I just deposited a check. from my phone], google, facebook, twitter, pandora, espn scorecenter, even the weather. and so many apps for things I never used before... my now-organized calendar, words with friends, runkeeper, and my newest obsession: instagram.

it's a photo program, better than the one I was previously using. snap, edit, post. and it also has its own twitter-like feed site. only it's photos. it's like the flickr version of twitter. but it can also feed into your twitter or flickr. and your facebook. or foursquare. or tumblr. [but not blogger. hmph.] I'm in love with all the cool, vintage-y filters. and slowly getting used to composing with a square in mind.

it makes it so easy to capture the moment. I can snap at any time because my phone is always with me. and I don't have to wait until I can upload and edit and sort and all that. don't get me wrong, I still have a deep love for my DSLR, and an appreciation for the work that goes into creating with that. but this is... easy. convenient. instantaneous.

I'm trying not to feel guilty about using another iPhone shot as my week 7. I told myself I was not going to be all strict and full of rules for this project, so that I would actually be able to keep up when life got crazy. [as in, the past two weeks] so I should not feel like this photo is cheating.

I love this necklace. the lovely Etsy seller who I bought my bridesmaids' necklaces from sent the charm to me as a gift with my order. [I did order 5 necklaces]. it's stamped with our wedding date. it has turned into that simple, easy, goes-with-everything necklace that I wear when I need a necklace but not something too distracting. or something that requires color-coordination and thought.

and that about sums up my week 7: iPhone snapshots. new wallet turned pretty vintage floral background. 63 degree weather. snuggly kitten. love. and cake pops.

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