a dozen

well, I've made it through my first dozen self portraits! for week 12 we have something a little special... it's technically a picture of a self-portrait. not exactly where I thought this project would go, but I'm trying to leave myself unrestricted so I can get through this thing. a self-portrait is a self-portrait. in fact, it's not just a portrait of myself, but of my happy little family... Husband, myself, Beaumont, and Rocky!

as usual, there's a story here: I've always wanted something chalk-boardy in my house. a friend in college had the cabinets in her kitchen painted in chalkboard paint. others I know have entire walls. being a renter, the more practical solution was to buy a separate board to hang somewhere.

once I bought it, I debated what to write/draw on it first. an inspirational quote? a welcome message for our guests? a funny inside joke for Husband to find when he came home? a beautiful pieces of artwork to grace our home? I settled for some stick figures.

Husband's first reaction: "that looks like those things people have on the back of their cars." yes, yes it does. except he should be wearing teacher gear and I should have a cake pop and a spatula in hand. but my artistic skills with chalk are limited. at least my hair looks good!

[and why yes, this was taken with instagram. again. I'm thinking my next project might be a daily instagram. I'm still obsessed. it's still so easy and convenient. and I keep finding fun new photo apps that make iPhonography better and better]

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