the wedding, part 3: the ceremony

so, I started blogging about the wedding a few weeks after it happened, and never quite got around to finishing my little series of posts. it's going to take me a while to get through this, but at least now I have pictures I can share : ) you can check out more from my amazing photographer here!

we arrived at the venue only a few minutes late. the girls and I ran in to find the coordinator and photographer, then went to get changed into the dress. we finalized a few last details and popped a bottle of champagne. meanwhile, the boys set up outside for a few photos.

Luke and I decided to see each other before the ceremony, to get in more picture time, so our photog arranged things so he could shoot us seeing each other for the "first time". This is one of my absolute favorite photos from the entire wedding. every time I see it my heart melts. it was just a perfect capture of a perfect moment. we were both so happy, so sure about what we were about to do. just perfect.

we got in some family shots, some wedding party shots, a few glasses of champagne, pinned on the boutonnieres and I was ready to go. literally. I had built in some extra time since I figured we would be running behind schedule. but I think some guests missed the start of the ceremony since we started exactly on time. we hit 5 minutes til and I just felt this adrenaline rush, I called everyone together, said "let's DO this!" and we did.

the ceremony was a bit of a blur. I spent the majority of the time either trying not to laugh or trying not to cry. our sisters read beautifully and the music was lovely. however I think the part everyone will remember for the next 50 years: when the group of teenagers hiking through the woods across the river decided to yell out "don't do it!"

part of me wanted to yell back, but I decided not to be that bride. I bit my tongue and tried not to collapse into a fit of giggles. was I concerned my groom would take their advice and run off? not in the slightest. I knew before I glanced at him, but if anyone else had seen the look in his eyes they could have no doubt- he wasn't going anywhere.

the one part I was nervous about was saying the vows. public speaking is SO not my thing. I get all shaky and sweaty and too quiet for anyone to hear. Luke, however, is a teacher. he does public speaking all day long [being a teacher], with poise and grace and a natural authority that makes me sound like even more of a bumbling idiot. but when it came to reciting the vows? I was calm and sure and everyone could hear me loud and clear. poor Luke was so choked up with emotion he could hardly get the words out. I guess there's a first time for everything.

one kiss later, and we were man and wife!

[part 1] [part 2]  part 4 coming soon.

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