remember a few weeks ago when someone stole a post/photo of mine from the baking blog?

this time, it's 'only' the photos and the recipe. they at least had enough creativity cunning to write their own words. [even though their phrasing and punctuation style seems eerily similar to mine.]

I mean, I'm not the only one while likes to use [brackets] instead of (parentheses). or who makes up words by adding -y to the end. or uses fragments, list-like sentences, sarcastic parenthetical phrases, and ellipses... but it kindof sounds like they asked me to write them a guest post. [which... I didn't].

there's nothing wrong with taking inspiration from others. if you see something you like, it's natural to want to imitate it in your own way. but when you don't have a style of your own to put on it, it's not inspiration. it's copying.

please, get your own recipes/photos/writing style/life. you can't have mine. because, it's mine.

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