14 weeks and the 1st amendment

random fact of the day: fourteen is my favorite number. I used to wear it back in the day when I played basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc. everyone always used to go for number seven, but I figured I needed twice the luck. so I was number fourteen.

this week's photo [actually taken a week or two ago] was shot using our new little baby camera. it was unintentionally still in "minature mode" [which is basically meant to simulate tilt-shift] so the blur here at top and bottom of the frame was not something I edited in. at least the beer is in focus!

Husband and I like to frequent Uno's Chicago Grill because they have a really excellent selection of microbrews. they always have Dogfish Head 60 minute on tap [and 90 minute in bottle] and their rotating taps often feature selections from Southern Tier [which is my new favorite brewery]. on this particular day, I actually opted for a Flying Dog "Raging Bitch" IPA. I was curious to try it, since there's been a lot of buzz lately on Michigan banning the sale of this [extremely delicious] brew due to it's [potentially] offensive name. IPA's are my favorite, and this one did not disappoint. all I can say to my "home state" is that you are very silly for violating free speech rights, and very very silly for banning this delicious beer. [more on that here]

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