16 going on 17

[I know. you hate that song and it's going to be stuck in your head all day now.]

week 16 included many activities and festivities... mostly based around the visits of two cousins. 
there were bolis and beer. there was giant jenga. there was a beaster egg hunt. 
and an early birthday shopping trip for me:

I have many, many pair of flats. but I bought these for myself anyway. 
40% off, super comfortable and versatile [not to mention adorable], how could a girl say no?

somewhere between weeks 16 and 17, spring... sprang.

and then I woke up with this for a view. 
ah yes, vacation.
a visit to the lovely Savannah, GA.
short but oh so sweet.

  more to come soon from my trip, but I at least edited my week 17:
[I was going to crop it square to go with the instagrams but it just didn't seem right.]

this is me. in my favorite super worn-in and outrageously comfy MSU shirt and AE shorts from 2003.
drinking my morning coffee. staring at the ocean. soaking in the sunshine. happy as a clam.

I could have put a little more effort into this but... I was on vacation.

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  1. Love that palm tree shot! And cute shoes :)


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