a brief political foray

well. I fell victim to not checking my sources before reblogging something on tumblr. the now-infamous quote which I [and apparently many others] have posted is apparently not 100% accurate. the first sentence was written by some random person who just happened to post it on the internet, and somehow it became co-mingled with the actual MLK quote.

let's be honest here, though... I didn't post that quote because it was purported to be from MLK. I posted it because it summed up [in a way I could not find words to describe myself] my feelings on the assassination of Osama bin Laden and the subsequent celebrations that have been occurring across the country.

the attack on 9/11 were terrible. horrible. devastating. and the people of America have had 10 long years to thirst for revenge. they finally received it Monday night. but what does the death of one man really accomplish?

this death does not end all terrorism, nor prevent another like-minded individual from taking over bin Laden's role. this death does not rebuild the twin towers, nor erase what the victims and their families went through. this death does not recall the thousands of troops who have been fighting in foreign lands for a decade, nor make up for those who have given their lives in the process.

so, no. hearing this news does not make me want to wave the star-spangled banner, shout "F*ck Yeah America!" and throw a kegger in celebration. it does not make me want to post witty photos or statuses on Facebook, praising and/or ridiculing Obama and/or the American soldiers.

it makes me hope that we have made progress. it makes me hope that some people can have [at least some] peace of mind over what happened years ago. please don't think that because I'm not celebrating his death, that I approve of what he did or wish he was still alive and terrorizing us.

but the way America has reacted to the news? that? that makes me want to vomit.

now back to your regularly scheduled blogging...

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