motivation, where are you?

it's noon on a saturday, and I was about to say I've done nothing. which is not entirely true. I booked Husband and I's first anniversary trip. I'm going back to the south... to Charleston this time!  more southern charm to explode my hard drive with.

No, I haven't edited Savannah photos yet. but I at least pared them down to under 200. and a few could probably live without editing. but of course I'm me, and I'll go back and edit them all anyway. [these have not been edited, and it almost makes me itchy to post them.]

confession: I drank Jamaican beer in Georgia. I was hoping to try out some local microbrews, but no such luck. when faced with the choice between Miller Lite and Red Stripe? no contest, baby. and yes they had Yuengling. but I was on vacation and felt I needed to drink something south of PA.

currently I'm feeling like this. hazy. and lazy. and unmotivated. I need to go run. but I'm also waiting for the car to finish being repaired. so I can't go anywhere until Husband is back from Crossfit. and I don't want to fall in another pothole. [or at least I'm using that for an excuse to not go running in the neighborhood.]

besides, I've got both kittens snuggling me right now. not. moving.

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