some exciting news...

a friend of mine asked me to be her wedding photographer!

actually, she asked if myself or my good friend would be interested in taking some wedding portraits and shots of the ceremony. I consulted my friend and we decided that this was a job best for two. neither of us have any professional wedding experience and this is a great opportunity to get some. two cameras means neither of us has the pressure of sole responsibility, and also twice the shots for the bride. to be honest I'm glad I'm not doing it alone, and there is no one else I'd rather shoot with. we've always talked about someday having a photography business together... who knows where this could lead?

so on top of everything going on like crazy in my life right now [work, 1/2 marathon, upcoming travel, blog catch-up, bake sale, the laundry pile] I'm trying to soak myself in inspiration and gather as much information as possible before the big day. I know I'll do fine with organizing a shot list and contract. the actual shooting I'm fairly confident about, and well I'm excited to try out all these ideas. editing promptly? not always my strong suit but I can prioritize.

truly, I think my biggest worry is what to wear. I've read a lot of stuff that says women photographers should ditch the dress and go with black pants. but when you're also a guest seeing old friends and wanting to look good [and also appropriate?]  I'll need to find the right balance between dressy enough for a church wedding, and enough dress to cover everything while I'm rolling around and climbing and getting that perfect shot. all while looking stunning.

perhaps this calls for a celebratory shopping trip? hmm...

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  1. Woo Hoo!! Congrats. :)
    I found when editing tons of wedding shots, to break it down and have small goals each day/night when editing. Have fun and I'll look forward to seeing what you do!


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