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well. Husband had been gone for a week now. I have been insanely busy since he left, partially on purpose, but this morning I finally had some time alone to sit and catch up on my google reader. and I found two posts that really spoke to me.

the first: how to be happy anytime. obviously, with my Husband on the other side of the world, I could spend a lot of my time wishing things were different. in fact, the last time he left me I spent nearly the entire time being miserable and missing him. this summer, I'm trying to use my time alone to really focus on "me" and how to improve myself. one big thing I need to be better at is framing things positively. I have a bad habit of letting little things pile up and drag me down. another issue of mine is letting everything turn into a competition. sure I can blame my competitive Austin nature, but it's not healthy to be constantly comparing and competing with others. I've always put too much pressure on myself in this way, and it's seriously time to stop. even if you are "winning", what's the point? with everything that's happened over the past year, I feel I am starting to lose sight of who I really am because I've been so focused on external events, persons, and circumstances. it's time to to just be myself, regardless of other people's actions or opinions. I am a strong, capable, caring, and creative woman. end of story.

the second: the thing that keeps you from doing great things. The Resistance. I know it well. how many times have I blogged about it, talked about it, felt it? the post talks about it in regards to writing and running, but it's applicable to so much more. "I've faced similar things with running, and you probably have, too.  You know you should be running.  You even want to be running.  And yet, for a variety of reasons (some of which sound really, really legit), you're not running." you want to know something? I haven't strapped on my running shoes since I finished the 1/2 marathon. I haven't baked anything in longer than that. I've been putting off officially starting my photography business. and the laundrypile? I have my reasons for procrastinating each of these things. some of which sound really, really legit. but it's time to stop. it's time to act. it's time to do great things. [even if those great things are folding the 4th load of wash for the day, just about to come out of the dryer]

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