a taste of Maine

fourth of July weekend, Husband and I drove up to a friend's place in Maine. some of my favorite memories growing up took place on a lake [at my family's cottage in Michigan] and it was great to escape for a while. I really miss being in nature, and Maine did not disappoint. I was a little lax on the photos this trip, but managed to snap a few instagrams while still spending good quality time with Husband.

1. we of course had to get lobster... it's cheaper than chicken by the pound up there! I didn't have any [I'm allergic] but the general consensus seemed to be: delicious.
2. we spent a lot of time on the boat, in the sun, enjoying the views. I also made a grand return to the world of waterskiing [and was sore for 3 days after!]
3. the lake was just plain gorgeous.
4. we also got to play with Chloe and Max, our friend's two [very energetic] dogs. Husband and I have been talking dogs a lot lately... I'm not sure this is the breed for me.

1. one of my favorite things in the world: waking up early, sitting on a deck, and drinking coffee while watching the mist burn off the lake as the sun comes up. everything is so peaceful, bright, and full of possibility. I haven't been able to do that in years.
2. other than coffee, we consumed a LOT of delicious beverages. maine root root beer is my new favorite. AND I think I can find it in NJ!
3. went to a pub which proclaimed to be "beer heaven" and it certainly lived up to the name. they had a bottle list thicker than a Bible, and had one several awards for best craft brewery selection in America. seriously. right in the middle of nowhere. beer heaven.
4. we did have some rainy weather part of the trip, but sitting inside with the windows open playing cards and listening to the rain was almost as good as lying in the sun by the lake drinking a beer.

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