week 27

it was hot and sticky, but I was having a decent hair day. I grabbed my tripod and this vintage camera I've had for 2 years but have yet to use as a photo prop. it actually belonged to Husband's grandfather... and probably still works. maybe one day I'll buy some film and give it a whirl.

I went to one of my favorite running trails. the light there is always so gorgeous, and I take mental pictures as I run through, but this was the first time I've ever taken my camera. it certainly won't be the last. all that delicious light and green bokeh, yum.

somehow I always find myself gravitating towards shots where I'm not smiling. I feel like this one looks guilty... like I've just been caught photographing someone who didn't realize it. I guess I find shots like this more interesting. they have a little more story than just "smile".

on my was out I came across this sweet little baby. he was kind enough to sit and wait for me to dig my camera back out of the bag before scampering away. just the icing on the cake of a great little shoot :)

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