saturday morning thoughts

saturday morning. 8am. finally managed to drag myself out of my comfy bed and into my nikes. 65 degrees. 2 neighborhood laps. MGMT, Devo, Bowie, ACDC to cheer me on as my feet pound drag on the pavement. minor knee achy-ness. serious sweaty-ness. major feeling of accomplishment.

but the true test comes tomorrow. I've been trying to make a return to running for a while now, and just can't seem to stick. it's not the first day that's the hardest, it's the second.

I'm a bit behind on sharing news, so bear with me as I try to recap. in no particular order.
1. Colorado was amazing, relaxing, refreshing. exactly what I needed. many mountainous photos are in the queue for editing.
2. I've been thinking of deleting my tumblr, as I haven't been using it. and pinterest. and maybe even twitter. oh, and the baking blog is also on the chopping block. [like you were surprised?]
3. Husband comes home in FOUR DAYS! and this place is just about as big of a disaster as it was when he left. must fold laundry. must vacuum kitten tumbleweeds.
4. thank goodness Katie prefers to sleep on my couch instead of my laundry table futon. she came to stay for a week and we indulged in a museum and musical weekend in the city, along with quiet nights at home with wine and a selection of Buffy.
5. I created a photography website. or rather, I should say I started one. I made myself a set of watermark images and brushes. and as soon as the bride gets her photos, I will be sharing some here! [it's only fair she gets to see them first] BUT I can give you a sneak at the watermark... more on the name later.

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  1. The watermark looks awesome! How did you do it?


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