it's official.

Fall is here. it announced it's arrival with a biting chill that swept in one afternoon this week. and instead of moving through, settled down and stayed.

I've been wearing socks in the house. and drinking hot chocolate, and tea. lots and lots of tea. my diet is soup and stews and chili and honeycrisp apples. [why did no one ever tell me how delicious honeycrisp apples are?] the kittens are cuddly and I spent the entire morning sweatshirt-clad and sofa-bound with a good book.

and as usually happens when the weather changes, I developed a nasty sinus headache / general feeling of blah. it won't last, but that's why I'm curled up inside rather than prancing through the crisp autumn air. I have kittens though, and Spartan football, and a pot of chili simmering on the stove. and plenty of time to play in crunchy leaves before the snow hits.

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