#8: newsprint nails [first attempt]

I'm not a girly-girl, but lately I've been obsessed with nails. Not creepy, I-kinda-look-like-a-hooker, nails. Paint them yourself at home [on your real nails] nails. I used to only paint my toenails. If anything, my hands would sport a pale pink or clear coat. Totally natural and neutral. And then I started buying bottles of Essie. and I can't stop.

These two colors: power clutch and merino cool. I've been rotating them for the past month. Charcoal Grey is very in right now. My sister is getting married in a few weeks [!] and my dress for her wedding is dark charcoal. I of course needed a smoky purple as a complement, because wearing the same color nails as your dress is a little matchy-matchy for me.

I'm currently wearing the purple [merino cool] and decided to try the newsprint nail technique. I wouldn't exactly say I was UNsuccessful... but I'm going to need to make another attempt.

I think a lighter base color would have helped, and I definitely put the top coat on too soon and it fuzzed up my letters. I also discovered that soaking your nails in vodka: not necessary. You only need to dip the paper in and press on you nail. BUT only press it down once and don't move it because your letters will blur.

I can't exactly cross this off my list yet, but it's good learnings for the next attempt!


  1. ooo let me know tips&tricks once successful, this is on my list too! my essie of choice for rotation right now is sew psyched (grey-green, for game days!) and power clutch (awesome grey color) <3 essie colors, I want a bazillion, especially this purple!

  2. oops... that grey IS power clutch! I just picked up a pale pinkish grey called master plan to use for my next newsprint attempt. I'm obsessed. the holiday collection just came out and I might need to buy. all. of. them.

  3. Not sure if you mentioned this, but instead of wasting precious Vodka, you can use rubbing alcohol. I do it all of the time and it works great, I also use a lighter base.


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