friday five

1. finally finding the perfect replacement moccasins. adorable. comfortable. 40% off. [I heart retail therapy.]

2. Outback Bowl game tickets. not quite as good as the Rose Bowl would have been, but my Dad is still awesome.

3. the way I feel when I eat gluten-free. it hasn’t been easy [and I haven’t completely followed it] but the difference is incredible.

4. remembering my Grandmother- the love that she gave us all, and the legacy she left behind. I’m thankful that I had the chance to know her while she was still in her right mind, and that those are the memories that will stay with me.

5. this whole “Friday five” thing. some weeks it feels like you could be overwhelmed by the bad, but this forces me to find the good. whether it’s something as tiny as a moment or as large as a person, the good is there, always.

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