#10: if you don't use it, you should lose it

I've always been one to hold onto things long after they are needed. birthday cards, old love letters, too short jean shorts, strings of decorative lights, bargain books I've never read, my high school track cleats. I'm not quite to the "hoarders" level... but my wardrobe is probably the worst area of my life that needs to be cleaned out.

part of my problem is that I hate throwing away something I spent my money on. the other part, I think, is my tendency to be fatally optimistic. I tell myself I'll wear something again and save it... if i find the right cardigan, when it gets warmer out, on the chance I'm invited to a Hawaiian - themed BBQ. I have this thing inside me that makes me believe that I can use/wear anything if the circumstances are right.

the result? my closet is stuffed full of things I never wear, probably won't ever wear. a few items I try on a lot, but they never seem to make it out the door. and so getting dressed is always difficult, because I can never find what I DO want to wear, since it's hidden behind 5 things I DON'T.

I attacked my closet on at least 3 separate occasions, ruthlessly pulling out those items. I'm sure there's more that can still be expunged but it's a definite start. I even decided to recycle some items into a DIY project which made me feel a little better about tossing a few items. [and actually encouraged me to go back in and look for things in that color scheme which I didn't wear.]

hopefully I can start adopting this mentality to other areas of my life...

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