unspoken challenge

if you challenge me- no matter how subtly- I must answer.
maybe it's a girl thing, an Austin thing, or just a me thing. but if you challenge me, I must take action. it may not be in the way you expect, or even in a way that seems like we are competing. but we are, and I will beat you. just like always. you might not see it that way. in fact you might not see it at all. but time and again I've taken the challenge and I've conquered it in my way.

you've had a lot of faces over the years. the names change too. but you've always been there- insinuating, impersonating, and irritating. nemesis: all the best heroes have one. a shadowy figure, a clinging cobweb, a dark reflection. I respect that maybe we are more the same than either of us would like to admit. maybe you have to challenge me until you feel you've won. I respect that too- but it just won't happen. I will always win.

it's just what I do.

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