it's saturday morning and I'm sitting here wondering what to write. snow is falling, but not sticking. there's a kitten on my lap. I'm wearing the weekend household uniform of sweatpants and my MSU sweatshirt [stolen from Husband circa 2005] that must be 100 years old by now, but is so broken in and comfortable I think I'll keep it until it unravels.

the mail truck just pulled up. we only check our mail once [or twice if lucky] a week. usually the junk flyers and credit card offer envelopes are stuffed in so tight it all spills out when you try to remove it. I like to think that there are only a few people who truly dislike me in this world, but I know for sure our mailman is on that list.

so the snow is falling, and not sticking, and I'm stalling. because I can't write about what I want to write about. or at least I am choosing not to at this time. and that leads us to the usual cryptic post that says something without really saying anything. it's something that I've danced around for years. someday- hopefully soon- I can get into all the gory details. but for now I can't talk about what it is, only what it feels like.

have you ever had one of those moments where it all just falls into place? you've been fumbling around with bits and pieces for months... years... wondering when things would start to come together. and in a span of a few days and hours, things take shape and the picture becomes clear.

and of course when it does, it doesn't look like you expected. it looks a little scary actually. but that's a good thing. challenges and change lead to growth. and the more you learn the less it seems overwhelming, and the more exciting it gets.

there are moments of sadness for the things you will lose. by choosing the path of one opportunity you can miss others. but there is so much to be gained. more options become available- things you never even considered become possible.

a hundred quotes are flying around my head at supersonic speeds. I could sit here and spout them all day, but let's be honest: I don't have that kind of time and neither do you. so even though this is not the kind of thing you can effectively boil down into one sentence, I find the most appropriate is also one of my old favorites:

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