hi kids. it's about that time again... blog redesign time. [for those of you who have been long-time readers, I think I just heard your eyes roll.] it seems like every 4 to 6 months I get the itch to redecorate. and so, I have.

for those of you in google reader, here's what's new:

- I'm back in my pesky courier font phase.

- cute little links for twitter and pinterest. I signed up for a web-based instagram viewing thing a few weeks ago and would add that if I could remember the name of the service and find my account. for those of you with iPhones, I'm @jamiethewalker

- the "followers" box has finally returned. I had someone complain. I feel silly with my meager 9 public followers, but if it makes it easier for people who want to follow to follow... power to the people. feel free to join up or stay anonymous.

- new banner! from one of my favorite photos. taken on a New York City rooftop circa mid December 2009. before I had my DSLR or photoshop. that's one reason why I love it so much... it helps remind me that the tools don't make the photographer.

it also brings to mind a quote, which I will admit, I had to google to find the actual wording and source. I'm not sure I entirely trust the internet to be honest with me today, but as best as I can tell it comes from Albert Camus. and it seems to be wildly appropriate at the moment:
in the depth of winter,
I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. 

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