mint green [or teal or seafoam or aqua] jeans

ever since I bought my red pants, I've been contemplating another colored pair. [I went so far as to buy some turquoise jeans from Target, but they were definitely a size too small and I talked myself out of keeping them just because I wanted them to fit.] mint green is all the rage right now so when the other day I stumbled across this pair at Forever 21  it seemed like fate that the TWO pairs left happened to be in my size. that never happens. so for a whopping $15.80 they came home with me. [they are sold out online of the mint but have some other great brights.]

I'm not entirely sure what the color qualifies as. the tag says mint but they're a little bold... but not blue enough for an aqua. teal? seafoam? regardless, I love the color and have already started google-ing ways to wear them. here's what I found:

stripes, obviously. navy + white, grey + white, or even multicolored. I also think these are pretty close to the color of my pants [maybe mine are a little lighter]

a neutral cream or white top. black or solid navy would work too, but the lighter colors keep it springy and fresh. also digging on the nude shoes.

a vintage tshirt. I would never wear it with that much midriff showing, but maybe a little off-the-shoulder action? I DO have an Iron Maiden concert to attend later this summer...

and finally, chambray. to me it seems the most logical thing when you're wearing colored jeans is to wear a jean-colored top, yes?

I'm so ready for spring and sunshine. the past week was gorgeous but the weekend brought in a grey and rainy cold front that looks like sticking for the next few days. no reason I can't encourage the weather along by wearing a little spring...

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