running, lately

running is a very emotional thing for me. likely some complicated function of high school track, knee injuries, shin splints, physical therapy, and the fact that I'm just an emotional person. as with most emotional things, I don't like to put them out for public display. which means I typically don't like to run with other people.

my usual running spot is the canal. soft dirt and gravel are kind to my knees. if you start at the right spot, you can go 10 miles without having to stop to cross a road. and [in the mornings at least] it isn't very crowded. I also like the scenery. birds chirping, sun shining through the trees, reflections on the water. it's peaceful. calm. private.

last night, I was feeling tired and rather un-motivated to run. I did something very out of character. I went to run with Husband. he took me to a local high school to do a track workout. I have not done a workout on a track since... high school. we did intervals: 400m and 200m. I hate the 400m. it was painful. and the lacrosse team was in the middle of practice and I felt so awkward doing laps around their field. but I did it. and I finished. and that was glorious. [so much that we had to celebrate our victory with a drive up to Chipotle.]

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