some random thoughts

ok. so the news is out. we're moving to Taiwan.

now what?

I mean seriously, how do you follow a post like that? in lieu of anything with real substance, I bring you some random thoughts in list form:

1. my new passport arrived. it's one of the special ones with the built in chips. I should probably get one of those cool leather passport cases, right? I wonder if people who actually travel use those, or if they just get in the way. I also picked up our paperwork from the consulate... time to mail everything to Taiwan and hopefully get some visas in return.

2. the other day my iPhone decided that it wouldn't update. for NO REASON. email, twitter, instagram, anything. I sortof panicked. and then realized that even though I've banished my facebook dependency, I'm still addicted to these other forms of social media. [but seriously, the most annoying thing is watching that little wheel spin and spin even though I've got 5 full bars of service]

3. I think I'm back on running again. the weather has been gorgeous lately so that helps. I've accepted morning runs will not be happening anytime soon, but with daylight savings I can make it out after work. trying to weasel my way into running the broad street 10 miler in May, so training would be a good idea. I also have this fantasy that once I'm done with work I'll wake up and run every morning. here. in Michigan. in Taiwan. [maybe.]

4. I've been working on our bucketlist, with help from Husband. most of what we've come up with so far is food related. not surprising, but definitely will need to keep running if we're going to cross all that off the list. I also started a pinboard of things to see IN Taiwan. I haven't gotten very far yet but trying to actually do some research into these things first.

5. happy pi day. [now I want pie]

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