ok, people. my heart is pounding from the adrenaline of writing this all. I'm so excited to finally be able to share this news!

Husband and I are moving to Taiwan.

[take a moment to breathe.] yes, you read that correctly. we are moving to Hsinchu City, Taiwan. this is the adventure I've been gearing up for and dropping hints about for... a long time. and finally I can come clean about it.

some basic FAQ that I've been receiving about this recent development:

why are you moving to Taiwan? moving abroad is something Husband and I have always talked about, always wanted to do. this particular opportunity came at the right time in our lives... and so we're going. we looked at a lot of locations, but as things progressed it all just fell into place that Taiwan was where we would go.

what are you doing there? Husband will be teaching high school [in English, to students who understand English] and I have no idea yet what I'm doing. there's a chance I could teach English as a second language, or take classes to get a certification to teach middle school or whatever and be an actual teacher. currently undecided, suggestions welcome.

you really don't know what you're going to do? no, and it's both the most exciting and terrifying thing to me. thanks to cost of living and Husband's situation with the school I won't need to work. but if I'm able to, everything I make will be savings for when we come home... aka down payment on a house.

will you be blogging? yes. I'm working on setting up a new blog. I'm hoping you kids will follow me over there once I get it together. still trying to figure out how to break it to these people that I won't have an oven in my new apartment. but I want to take this opportunity to reinvent myself, and of course share our adventures through pictures and words.

when are you leaving? Husband's report date to the school in Hsinchu is August 1st, which means we will have to fly out a few days beforehand. from mid-May to mid-June [between when I leave my job and when husband is done] most of my time will be spent elbow deep in packing boxes or driving down the PA turnpike moving our stuff back to MI. mid-June to end of July we will be hanging out in the mitten with friends + family. exact itinerary TBD.

what next? I'll still be blogging here for a while, so stick around for more updates. [likely I'll spend a lot of time procrastinating packing by blogging.] I have a feeling I'll start some kind of "to-do before Taiwan" bucketlist, and who knows what other kind of projects. I tried to cover the basics here, but if you have any other questions feel free to ask away!



  1. YAY! So happy for you! Let me know if I can help you pack or complete a pre-Taiwan bucketlist :) :) :)

  2. Congrats! That's amazing. Glad you will keep blogging, too. Can't wait to see photos!


  3. NO WAY. This is so awesome. I'd do this in a heartbeat. You guys are the coolest.


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