week two of fifty-two

I spent both Saturday and Sunday afternoons baking. it takes three times as long to bake something when I'm taking pictures, but I don't mind.

I'm in love with my 50mm lens. I'll probably be saying that a lot. honestly, I have photos from baking in the past, but I think I have to re-bake and re-photograph everything. I mean, look at this old photo...

versus this photo from yesterday...

this slice...

versus these...


also, I found a new place to live! 2 bed 2 bath, gorgeous dark hardwood floor, separate dining room, LARGE kitchen will all new stainless steel appliances, and a fireplace. for $150 less a month than the current place. the only downside is: I have to move in 3 weeks.

life is about to get even busier.

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  1. This post makes me want new camera even more than before! The definition and clarity between the photos is just amazing. The first photo of the banana and nuts is gorgeous too. It wouldn't be something I would think to photograph or even put on wall, but honestly that's art and I would totally hang it up. And I love that you have that shot of the city in a small picture on your blog. It's my favorite shot of yours as of yet and I LOVE it. Plus it's still my laptop's background. :)


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