on the fence

the past week has been a little strange.
 week three of fifty-two: on the fence
I actually woke up early to go take pictures before work. it was a weird, foggy morning. I had this great plan: start up my car to defrost, take pictures, jump in car and go to work. well. things do not always go according to plan. that lesson should be pounded into my brain by now, but I continue to plan anyway.

I snapped a few shots, almost took a dive into the reeds thanks to the mud, and hurried over to my car. I had taken the little keyless unlocker thing (that's the technical term) off of the keychain so that I could leave the key in the ignition but still lock the car. the problem is, no one ever told me that the keyless entry doesn't work when the key is in the ignition. my car is running. and locked. and inside is my wallet and my cell phone and my apartment key.

I was lucky enough that Luke has taken a sick day. I trudged up the stairs and banged on the door until he let me in to grab my extra set of car keys. not sure what I would have done if he hadn't been there. waited an hour for the leasing office to open and try to convince them to let me in my apartment? while I hung around with my camera trying not to look suspicious? and my car ran with the heat on full blast? things could have been worse.
winter morning

Also, I launched my baking blog Sunday. the layout could use a little beefing up, but I'm working on it. everyone's had a good response so far. the photos came out great and I am not ashamed to admit I did a little victory dance when I finished shooting the cookies.  it feels good to do what you love.

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