tagged: 8 random things

I was tagged in a Flickr thing to post 8 random things about myself, and to tag 8 other people. I'm not going to tag anyone, but here are my 8 things...

1. Self-portraits make me uncomfortable. I feel awkward taking them. I think I always look silly. and to be honest, I think there are more interesting things out there to shoot. BUT I also believe that to become better, you have to get outside your comfort zone. that's why I'm trying to shoot more self portraits. not because I've suddenly become narcissistic.

2. I'm a wordy person. you know that phone service commercial about the girl who takes an hour to tell a 5 minute story? that's me. if you ever send me a message, you can probably expect a short novel in return. please don't think I'm creeping on you, it's just how I am.

3. I don't watch a lot of tv. the only shows I actually tune in for are LOST and The Office. however, my fiance and I have an extensive dvd collection. my latest tv on dvd addiction is The West Wing.

4. I love baking. so much that I'm starting a baking blog. so, take this as an apology for all the food photos I'm going to start posting.

5. I've lived in New Jersey for 2 years, after a 6 month internship in NYC, but I'm still a midwestern girl at heart. Michigan gets a lot of bad rap nowadays, but it's a beautiful state and it's home. and if anyone is ever up for a friendly sports rivalry, I'm a Michigan State Spartan.

6. I don't like talking politics, but I will tell you one thing: I think that the most overworked, under-appreciated, and underpaid workers in America are teachers. 

7. June 25th of this year, I'm getting married. I've got the groom, I've got the dress, and I've got an amazing photographer. the rest of it is just details.

8. it took me almost 24 years of my life to realize how passionate I was about photography. it was around this time last year that it really hit me. I had always been secretly jealous of people who had passions, and wondered what was wrong with me that I didn't have one. I guess I just didn't know myself very well, because my love of photography was always there... I just didn't know how to embrace it. over the past year, I've started to learn. and as a result I've grown radically as both a photographer and a person.


  1. w00t! Way to go Michigan! ;)

    You make me have to follow your picture all the way to here?

    I've got to say, I agree with everything you said about #1. It is rough to step outside of your comfort zone, but... you get more comfortable with it, and you feel a lot better about it further on down the line.

    I look forward to see your baking as well :)

  2. so glad you tagged me!
    I could have written those first two items, and part of the third. I love to eat baked goods, so that should count for a baking passion, right?

    Adding you to my google reader so I can relish in your food photos. ;)

  3. Your fiance is a very lucky man! And you can bake, too? Wow!

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