see you on the other side.

oh hey, remember me? that girl who used to blog here every other day? who used to update awesome recipes and photos to her baking blog weekly? and new photos to flickr and facebook more often than anyone cared to see? I can't even keep up with 140 character posts on twitter. it's become that bad.

but, my friends, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: the wedding day. shortly followed by a week's much-needed vacation in Hawaii. and then, slowly, life can return to normal. well as normal as life was anyway. it may take a few weeks to get all the sand unpacked from my suitcase, all the thank you's written, and all the photos edited (which, by the way, my most lovely best friend delivered to me a copy of Photoshop Elements yesterday!) but eventually I will get there.

the past few weeks have been crazy. promotion, training, travel, meetings, blackberry, stress. doing and re-doing seating arrangements, canceled rsvps due to financial issues, break-ups, and new relationships (not experienced first hand), the hotel manager calling me 4 times a day, emailing lists and itineraries and charts and tables to all the assorted vendors, cleaning for the arrival of family, and a thousand other tasks which would seem insignificant until they haven't been done.

I'm dizzy from running lists and times and numbers through my head. exhausted from too much travel and not enough sleep. excited to see all my favorite family and friends. itching to escape with my new husband. wanting to get this over with, but savor every moment at the same time. I'm having trouble focusing on any one thing because there is simply so much. my brain feels like it is melting out my ears. I know that things will be wonderful, and the important parts have all been taken care of, and what matters most is not dependent on any small disaster that could occur. especially since I've prepared for the occasion that a disaster could occur. everything that I can control is under control. I've never been so overwhelmed yet on top of things at the same time. I'm not sure how I'm managing to keep it all together, but I am. sometimes I'm not even sure that I'm speaking English anymore.

lucky for me, all I have to say is "I do."

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