the wedding, part 1

I really really really want to write this all out so I can remember it. bear with me because it's going to be a long series of posts with a lot of irrelevant information. and no photos. sorry!

so the last time I blogged... I was shaky. I was flaky. I spilled salad dressing on myself twice in one meal. I took a wrong turn driving to work. I bumped into walls, I blanked out mid-sentence, I could not concentrate on anything for longer than 5 minutes. my family's arrival seemed to coincide with everything kicking into panic mode. lucky for me, crunch time is when I prevail. a hundred small tasks were left to be done, and I was trying to play hostess and cater to everyone's needs, and make sure everything went somewhat close if not according to plan. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. but I was holding it together. (what's that saying about the duck- calm on the surface but paddling furiously underneath?)

Wednesday morning we received a heads up that someone was planning to have a date crash the reception. the heads up did not come from the date, or the person trying to sneak them in, but a third party. I think that's what bugged me most about it. and crashing a wedding without asking or even informing the bride, after all the planning and money that had gone into the event, is just incredibly... rude. 2 days before the wedding, things were supposed to be set and we were planning to have the extra meal sent to our table. but we did have an extra meal (due to the painful ordeal the previous week) and our venue was gracious enough to let us add a person to that date's table. while the situation was still slightly infuriating, this was easier than putting up a fight and causing major drama.

later that day we picked up the dress and started making cake pops. I was using them for placecards. I had printed out the nametags a few days before, so we just had to bake the cakes and make the pops. most people thought I was insane for making my own placecards out of cake pops. and maybe I was. but rolling, sticking, and dipping was my zen moment. and they turned out adorable. Luke had left and I was stressing from a long day of little sleep, but making the cake pops really calmed me down. that, and having a glass of wine with my Katies as we painted our toes. as a side note: it seems like everyone in my life named Katie is a rock, a stronghold, and an anchor for my sanity. they all took turns keeping me grounded during the week and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Thursday: the day before. we woke up early to run last minute errands. the girls helped me with packing while I got ready. we rushed to the airport to get my last Katie. (or rather, we rocked out to Gaga while stuck in traffic trying to get to the airport. when we arrived to the hotel, I suddenly felt much better. maybe because everything was done. I was there. all I had to do was show up to certain places at certain times, looking pretty and smiling for the camera. all the months of work and planning and preparation were over. It was like a wave of calm, welcome and refreshing.

we milled around the hotel, getting ready to leave for the rehearsal. I happened to glance out a window, and saw the most vicious storm rolling in. in a few minutes, the big black clouds had turned into a torrential downpour. I had a conference with Luke and we decided to check if we could do the rehearsal on the patio... if not I was telling everyone to just hang out in the hotel lobby. they cleared us to use the patio, and on the drive over the sky cleared up. we were able to have the rehearsal outside at the ceremony site. it was just a little soggy.

the rehearsal dinner was next. it was kindof a hike from where we were at, and one car even got lost, but I think the heaping platters of delightful italian made up for it. Luke gave a great speech, and I managed to improvise something decent. our gifts- stamped silver initial necklaces for the girls, engraved cigar cases for the boys- went over well.

we came back to the hotel and schmoozed with the family that had arrived, and spent some time with our friends. (in retrospect this was a great idea. while I'm sure I could have used some extra sleep, spending time with family and friends the night before made me feel less pressured to speak with everyone at the actual wedding. that way I could focus on the people who I hadn't seen the night before, and of course having a good time!) my family was of course drinking and having fun, the Austin way. I found out later that security was actually called on them 3 times that night, typical. I stopped by to chat with my Mom and her best friend who had flown in. and then I made it down to where my college friends were hanging out. I will say this: drinking games are infinitely more fun when you are getting married. "I'm the bride, you have to do what I say... and I say drink, so DRINK!"  after the last of our friends arrived for the night, and I declared that I was going to get a good night's rest for the first time in a month. I said good night to my groom and tucked in with my girls...

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