it's slow going around here lately... between settling in to my new job and settling in to post-wedding life, time has been as short as ever. but the gifts have all been unwrapped and put away, the thank-yous addressed (if not written), and things are moving towards whatever definition of "normal" my life usually is.

I somehow managed to keep up with the 52 weeks project through all the wedding chaos. (sidenote: yes I plan to finish the post series about the wedding... just needed a break to get some other stuff out) I'm not saying that all of my photos were particularly great or inspiring, but I made it.

and I've almost caught up on editing those. the next on the edit list is honeymoon pictures from Hawaii. I'm almost 1/3 through those. as you can well imagine, after months of hardly having time to pick up the camera and snap a shot of a kitten, I went wild with a week in Hawaii. I was unfortunately on the rusty side so not as many great shots as I would have liked. but let's be honest, I wasn't there to take pictures, I was there to have a relaxing vacation and spend some time with my new husband.

still, it wasn't a total loss. and to make things even more exciting is the fact that I now have Photoshop. I. am. in. love. and I have all these photos to play around with! Once I finish off the Hawaii photos, I will finally finally go back and edit the photoshoot I did in April with Sara. props to her for being so patient. hopefully the wait will be worth it. I know Im dying for my professional wedding photos. but it isn't easy to sort through hundreds or thousands of shots, find the best ones to edit, edit, and get it all together.

there are a ton of other things going on right now. including but not limited to: an online identity crisis (what to do with the baking blog, how and when do I start selling prints, should this blog be redesigned or completely disappear)... a closet that needs to be cleaned out and organized (still hasn't been done since moving 6 months ago)...  and a running habit that needs to be reactivate (though I my wait for this heat wave to pass through). the to-do list is always never ending, isn't it?

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  1. Patience is a virtue I only have when people are really busy and only for really important things like WEDDINGS. I still cannot wait to see the pics though, so incredibly excited. <3


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