the wedding, part 2

The Big Day: I woke up at 9am, after getting a solid 7 hours of sleep. I felt calm, and ready. my sister and cousin went down to get me coffee and breakfast, while I checked emails. I found this waiting for me:

Breathe in the day. How are you feeling? Take note that the way you feel right now is because of a thought you're thinking either consciously or unconsciously. Know that you can create your day any way you see fit. Begin by setting your intention for the day and then CHOOSE to wrap your thoughts around that intention. Your body is the SHIP and you are the captain. Where are you heading today?

I bring only the BEST thoughts to this day!
I am in charge of how I feel.
Love surrounds me!

I decided then and there, no matter what happened, I was going to have an awesome day. I was going to wrap myself in all the love. nothing bad would touch me. I wasn't going to stress, because I had done so much planning in advance that things would be fine. and if something didn't go according to plan, that was fine too. no stress, no worry, no tears. I would only be unbelievably happy.

and it worked...

I drank my coffee in peace as the girls flitted in and out of the room and the shower, getting ready to head to lunch. my sister found Amber and Danielle and baby Lilly in the lobby and brought them up to say hi. we had a chance to catch up and then I hopped in the shower. a few more visitors stopped by and then we headed over to Whole Foods.

what to eat for lunch was a great debate. I wanted something hearty enough that I wouldn't be starving later, but light enough that it wouldn't upset my stomach. I settled on pizza. yeah, that's right, pizza. (I can hear brides across the world gasping in horror). but that was what sounded good and my stomach was happy with me for it. as we were eating the discussion turned to hairstyles, since we were headed to the salon next. I really didn't have much of a plan there. we decided I should find something to put in my hair, jeweled bobby pins or clips. 10 minutes before we needed to leave, Katie J and Catherine and I took off on a mad dash through the mall. we stopped at 3 stores with no luck, but it wasn't a big deal.

we arrived at the salon 5 minutes early. I told them we were here and went to peruse hair accessories... and found the perfect pair of pins. we all sat down and flipped through some style books. there were supposed to be 4 stylists, but apparently they only had 3. they started almost 20 minutes late but my hair didn't take too long. I gave her some general direction and let her do her thing and it turned out great! sadly one of the other stylists was new, and therefore slow and not the best. she had to re-do half of cousin's hair again which delayed us.

while I waited for the other girls to finish, I wandered around the store and found some great lip stain- the last piece I needed. I went to check out and the girl ringing me up asked if we were in a wedding. I said "yep, my wedding!" she almost fell over. apparently I was the most calm bride she had ever seen. "normally girls are in here freaking out because they have to get across town and someone forgot their shoes or they don't like their hair... dang girl!" we were behind schedule (it was nearing 3pm- we were supposed to leave for photos at 3:30) but I wasn't frantic or stressed. I decided to take the girls who were finished and head back to the hotel so we could start getting ready.

I had the room pretty much to myself for a good 20 minutes to wash my face and do my makeup. a nice peaceful break to reflect and prepare. I ate a granola bar and drank a diet coke and 2 glasses of water. we were still behind schedule, but I had anticipated that. it felt like the bridesmaids were freaking out more than I was (no offense ladies) but eventually everyone got back to the hotel, dressed, and was ready to roll. I grabbed my sister and Katie J since she had my dress and hopped in the car.

we saw the groomsmen pull out just ahead of us. the time was 4pm and we had 30 minutes to get to the venue. but of course there was traffic. I decided not to sweat it and popped in Michael Jackson's greatest hits and we rocked out the whole drive over. The Way You make Me Feel... Beat It... Bad... Thriller... singing and dancing the whole way. well, as best as you can dance while driving a car.

at one point in the drive I realized how crazy it was that I was calm enough to be driving myself to my own wedding. wasn't I supposed to be in hysterics? hyperventilating in the backseat while my bridesmaids fanned me and applied water and booze as necessary? but... what did I have to be stressing out about? I was about to marry Luke. the stressful wedding things had been about guest lists and seating charts. about finding a song that wouldn't give away that we didn't how to dance. and those were all taken care of. the wedding was the easy part. why would it be hard to marry the love of my life? no regrets, no doubts. only trust, and confidence, and love.

my sister saw me tearing up at this thought and asked if I was ok. I said I was more than ok, I was awesome! and I was also going to make them cry... and I shared. that I wasn't worried or stress because I knew what I was about to do, I knew that nothing in my life had ever been so right. I was excited, not nervous. and I was already having a damn good time.

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