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I have a problem. [admitting it is the first step right?]

I'm obsessed with Anthropologie. it started a while ago, but took off last year when I realized there was a store close enough to stop by on my lunch break. since then my closet has been accumulating Anthro. it's where I picked up my red pants, a blazer or two, and this killer dress. I try to buy "investment pieces" that are more classic than trendy so they'll last me a while, and watch for sales because it can get pricey. but usually the quality of the piece makes it worth it.

since I just finished a 2-day purge of my wardrobe [nothing from Anthro in the donation pile, sorry Princeton thrifters] I thought it would be fun to share 3 of my recent purchases, which I plan to wear on my upcoming vacation to North Carolina. if you follow me on Pinterest these probably look familiar. [my "dream closet" board has turned into more of a shopping list  / styling inspiration board. more on that later.]

first: this incredibly comfortable and versatile dress. I have another Puella maxi [navy + white stripes] I bought last spring which I absolutely adore. at first I didn't think the maxi trend would work for me but that dress changed my mind. the fabric has held up well, so I knew this basic black number would be a great investment piece. I'm picturing it with a jean jacket + scarf for travel, gold belt + chunky turquoise necklace for sightseeing or dinner. I'm definitely going to be wearing this one all summer.

I also picked up these bubblegum pink shorts. they are super soft and such a flattering length. I've been in a weird limbo with shorts since I graduated college... I'm old enough to realize short-shorts are not appropriate, but bermuda shorts make me look 4 feet tall. these are the perfect in-between. long enough to be appropriate- no cheeks showing- but not momish. [sorry to the moms out there but you know what I mean] I have a feeling these are going to be the summer equivalent to my red pants. stripes, solids, chambray... anything goes. they also have these in regular blue jean which I think I need to invest in as well. right?

and finally, since it is a beach vacation, this newsprint bikini. I fell in love the moment I saw it. a little bit of a splurge for swimwear but once I put it on I knew it was worth every penny. black and white is classic, the pattern makes it fun but not so trendy it will be out of style next year, and the yellow trim pop of color is just... perfect.

vacation is in 3 weeks so until then I'll be dreaming up outfits and keeping my fingers crossed for lots of sun. and trying to keep myself from any more shopping.

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