I had one of those everything-falls-into-place moments recently. actually, I had three of them.

it's funny how you can overthink a problem to death and never come up with a solution, but if you sit back and let it be... sometimes the answer will just slap you in the face.

I'm not saying that you should just wait and hope that solutions will fall into your lap. that almost never happens. I believe in working to get what you want. but on occasion we want something so badly, we focus in so tight that we blind ourselves to the bigger picture. if you spend all your time obsessing over one tiny detail, of course you won't figure it out. every now and then you have to walk away and get some perspective.

and that's usually when lightning strikes. clarity. an understanding. or at least something to work with.

the discovery of electricity was, after all, 99% accidental.

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