here we are, another saturday morning. rainy. french press + huevos rancheros. one kitten perched on the bookshelf, peering down on me as I type. another in my lap.

I'm stalling. today I told myself would finally be the day I purge my closet of all those things I never wear but for some reason still keep. I did some work a few months ago, but really that didn't do enough. and of course I've been buying a lot of new things. my sense of self-entitlement seems to manifest itself in wardrobe additions. in fact I was writing a post about that, but decided before I let myself finish it I really should clean the old things out.

 the other thing in competition with productivity today will be the Hunger Games. not the actual Hunger Games, but the book series. I started reading it this week and am 2/3 through the second book. I've been restraining myself. otherwise I would be done by now. the writing is obviously "young adult" reading level, which makes it go all the faster. at least she isn't one of those cruel / genius writers who ends their chapters in the middle of a conversation or event so you HAVE to start the next one. so I've been able to stop myself and not read through the nights.

ok. time to suck it up and get to work. Beau has climbed off my lap and my coffee's gone cold. see you tomorrow, internet.

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